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Dreaded Faith

Dreaded Hope

Trigger Happy Whore
28 November 1987
Name: kelly
Age: 18, 19 this year
Birthday: november 28
Married: Engaged
Children: One, my daughter
Race: Japanesse, German, Mexican, Scottish, Irish, American-Indian, and some others.

Work, school: I'm in school to be a cosmitoligist, and I make Falls, work at hot topic
Business: Dollidreadfull
How long: since 2001-2002

Colors: black, pink, white
Food: Tofu
Makeup brands: M.A.C , covergirl, any kind of liquid eyeliner brand, and some other kinds I will add later
Fetish: Dreads, dreads and more dreads, also corsets, bondage, lolita, Eyeliner...... SHOES, anything nursey hehe

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